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Eric is not just an actor, he LOVES music as well. After his project "Blessed with Soul" in his early years (1993)
with friend Brittany Murphy, he later formed a rock band; Born as Ghosts, formerly known as Fredalba (2004).
Their rap/hip-hop based sound is very unique due to Eric's voice and the band's divers background and input.

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▪▪ Fredalba - Born as Ghosts Gallery » View Our FB Gallery Here

▪▪ Fredalba Songs from their album "Uptown Music for Downtown Kids"
Fredalba : Funk Exploration » Listen Here
Fredalba : Gimme More » Listen Here

▪▪ Born as Ghosts Songs from their album "Temas Sueltos"
Born as Ghosts : Heart to Steal » Listen Here
Born as Ghosts : I'm a man » Listen Here
Born as Ghosts : Sweet 16 » Listen Here
Born as Ghosts : I will » Listen Here

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